Water Conscious Oral Care Solutions


 January 12, 2023

Global Water Crisis

Many areas around the world are facing a water crisis. Currently, more than two billion people live in countries where the water supply is inadequate and the future looks even more dire. Half of the world’s population could be living in areas with scarce water supply by 2025, about 700 million people could be displaced by water scarcity by 2030 and by 2040, roughly 25% of children worldwide will be living in areas of extreme water stress.1 Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and are looking to limit their negative impact and it is expected that the respectful and resourceful use of water will become a priority for both companies and consumers2.

Water Stewardship

Ethical consumerism has long promoted water conservation and stewardship from the companies that manufacture the products they buy. Many consumers have even taken extra steps to purchase water-efficient appliances and even curbed their personal habits to save water. Environmentally-conscious consumers are doubling down on the issue, and are committed to adopting products that require less water during manufacturing and use. Considering the shift in consumer behavior as it relates to water reduction, we look to personal care as a segment in which the development of water-efficient products can have a real impact. Formulators have come to rely on Omya for ingredients that are high performing, cost efficient, and clean label. Omya is here to help navigate the challenge of developing low-water or waterless products with its portfolio of minerals and a range of formulations to inspire its customers.

Omya Ingredient Solutions for Oral Care

Omya offers a variety of natural ingredients well-suited for use in waterless formats such as tooth powders, toothtabs, and solid toothpastes. Omya’s line of Omyacare® natural calcium carbonates are manufactured with a very low carbon footprint and are tailored to your desired cleaning and abrasion needs, including recently introduced Omyacare® S95-OG which is an approved Cosmos and NATRUE raw material. Omyadent® 100 and 200 offer innovative mineral solutions for remineralization and hypersensitivity relief. Omyanutra® 300 flash is a great addition to toothtabs, facilitating tabs’ compactibility and disintegration, to improve the tableting process, as well as the mouthfeel experience.

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Multiple formulation options

Omya products are easy to blend and have countless attributes depending on the application. They contribute positively to waterless formulations by improving tabs’ compactibility and disintegration, increasing cleaning performance, remineralizing tooth enamel, or desensitizing dentin.

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1Source: Unicef.org
2Source: Mintel