Skinification of Oral Care


 December 21, 2023

Skinification is the presence of skincare-inspired ingredients, trends and claims across other beauty and personal care categories.1

Hair care, sun care, and even color cosmetics have all been transformed over the past decade. Color cosmetics are more functional than ever. Sunscreen has evolved from an occasional use product to a daily facial care product that provides benefits far beyond protection from the sun’s rays. Hair products go beyond cleaning and conditioning hair, addressing scalp problems and even preventing hair loss. Now, even oral care is being enhanced by skincare norms.

The influence of skincare is prevalent in many aspects of the category. The most apparent impact is the emergence of new forms in the space, such as oral health serums and masks, formats traditionally part of skincare routines. Their addition to the oral care segment has helped to usher in another benefit – complex and ritualistic routines. The days of the “family toothpaste” are dwindling. Taking care of your teeth and gums has become part of a broader wellness routine, with specialized toothpastes and ancillaries to meet the consumer’s specific needs. Skincare is not only influencing which products consumers are buying, but also where they are buying them. Many retailers focused on premium skincare and beauty products have added toothpaste and other ancillary oral care products to their shelves.

Claims and ingredients have also been heavily influenced by the skincare category. Quantitative performance claims are taking a back seat to qualitative emotional claims that resonate with consumers. Reducing plaque or gingivitis by X% is not nearly as meaningful to the average person as promotes the gum healing process.2 The presence of hero ingredients and being free from villainous ingredients has also become a staple that consumers are looking for, with fluoride becoming one of the most divisive ingredients in the space.

Contact your local Omya sales representative for a more in-depth discussion about the skinification of oral care, with examples of these trends in action, a review of brands and products that are leading the way in this new space, and an overview of our offerings to help you stay ahead of the curve.


  2. Claim used in Crest Pro-Health Gum Detoxify & Restore toothpaste online advertising