Elevating Standards: COSMOS Certification in Personal Care


 March 4, 2024

Our partner, Green Line, has announced that a variety of their products, proudly distributed by Omya, have not only achieved COSMOS certification but have also been recognized by ECOCERT. What exactly does it mean for a product to be COSMOS approved, and why is it crucial in the personal care industry?

Unveiling the COSMOS Standard

COSMOS, short for COSMetic Organic and natural Standard, is a globally recognized certification that sets rigorous standards for organic and natural cosmetics. This certification ensures that products meet strict criteria related to their ingredients, production processes, and overall sustainability.


COSMOS certification requires products to use organic and natural ingredients, promoting formulations that are kind to both skin and the environment.

Environmental Responsibility:

The certification places a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly production and processing methods. The commitment to sustainability goes beyond the product itself, extending to the entire manufacturing process.

Transparency and Trust:

COSMOS certification involves a thorough evaluation process, providing consumers with transparency about the origin and quality of the ingredients used.

Moving Forward

We invite you to join us on the journey towards more sustainable and responsible product choices. Opting for COSMOS-approved products not only enhances the impact on the planet but also plays a pivotal role in fostering a cleaner, greener environment. Join us in making a positive contribution through conscious choices.

See a wide selection of Omya’s COSMOS-approved product offering in our It List Trends Booklet.